Employee Benefits


Employee benefits are a vital need in today’s business world. Every business is unique and has unique needs for their employees. Employee benefits are a major bargaining piece when searching and retaining employees. Fairway Partners works closely with you to understand your business needs and put our knowledge and experience to work for you. With our comprehensive portfolio of products, resources, technology and solutions, our experts will help to customize strategies that will manage costs and deliver an attractive benefits package for your most important business asset…your employees.

Fairway Partners offers innovative health plan design. New business and renewal plans are reviewed against the market year-in and year-out to ensure our clients are taking advantage of any new plans offered, and that the renewed plan continues to align with our clients’ goals, objectives and financial budgets. Fairway Partners conducts a competitive bid analysis for our clients on every line of coverage, every year, to ensure the best possible solution for the client.


For each group, Fairway Partners thoroughly handles the administration of benefits. This is not limited to, but will include:

  • Enrollment Meetings – Given by an associate of Fairway Partners, these meetings allow face-to-face between the employees and an associate of Fairway Partners.
  • Benefit Booklets are provided in print or electronically to each employee. They are easy to understand and comprehensively explain all benefits offered.
  • FP Benefits Solutions Online Access – Each group will have an online customized portal allowing access to benefit booklets, doctor lists, claim forms, and more.  
  • Maintenance of the Group Census – The census is maintained on an ongoing basis to reflect any new hires and terminations. This ensures renewals are accurate, and plans can be shopped in a timely manner.


HRA Accounts
HRA Administration
Employee reimbursement is managed in-house by Fairway Partners Administrative Services for companies who partially self-fund their benefits when fully-insured plans are utilized.


Claims Management
Submitted claims are reviewed to ensure they are processed correctly by the carrier. If needed, an explanation can be given to an employee to help them gain a better understanding of how claims are paid.


Healthcare Reform
Due to the nature of our business, Fairway Partners has honed in on Healthcare Reform, and is always abreast to the most recent and breaking news in regard to Healthcare reform.

It is our goal to help you:

  • Make sense of legislative actions.
  • Understand cost impacts, if any.
  • Comply with new requirements.


Compliance Services
Complying with state and federal laws in regard to employee benefits can be challenging, especially since these regulations are frequently changing. Fairway Partners can help ensure that your plans are in compliance with all ACA requirements, ERISA rules, DOL regulations and IRS reporting, as well as alert you to regulatory changes that may affect your company.

Employee Communication + Benefit Meetings
Employees can only appreciate and use benefits that they understand thoroughly. Fairway Partners provides ongoing employee communications that starts with our face-to-face and webinar enrollment meetings where plan details are explained, and employees have opportunities to ask questions and receive an easy-to-understand benefits booklet. Benefit statements are also provided regularly to employees.