Commercial Insurance


When you consult Fairway Partners about Commercial Insurance products for your business, you get expert advice from professionals with extensive knowledge of commercial insurance products available. Fairway Partners only works with respected carriers to help find the coverage that meets your needs at affordable rates.

Let Fairway Partners help you protect your business from financial catastrophe with a comprehensive commercial insurance program.

General Liability
Commercial general liability insurance protects businesses and other organizations against liability claims for bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD). These claims are usually related to the businesses’ premises operations, products and completed operations. While general liability policies do not cover damage to your product or work, it will pay for damage that results from a defective product or faulty work.

Professional Liability
Professional liability insurance covers legal liability for a third party’s financial losses that result from the wrongful conduct of a professional and/or failure to perform to the expected professional standard.

Commercial Property, Auto, Aviation, Umbrella, etc.
To further protect your business from risk, Fairway Partners can advise you on selecting coverage for your business assets.

Commercial property insurance protects against damage to buildings that your business owns and/or contents of buildings the business owns or leases.

Commercial auto insurance provides auto liability and physical damage coverage for vehicles that are used for a business purpose. Depending on your policy, commercial auto insurance can cover automobiles that are owned, non-owned, hired or borrowed when they are used in your business operations.

Aviation insurance is available to cover both aircrafts owned by your business and any liability associated with operation.

Commercial Umbrella insurance is designed to protect against catastrophic losses due to claims that exceed the coverage limits of other liability policies or claims not covered by those policies.